With the global markets in turmoil, investors always seek commodities and asset to safely secure their hard-earned money. Investing in real estate, bond or mutual funds isn’t for everyone, but gem stones are a safe asset to invest in which grow in value over time and don’t require you to dish out thousands of dollars in storage fees.

Gemstone have always been valuable commodities from ancient times from ancient Egypt to current royal families. The prices of stone will always rise even if economies are in shambles. Since the supply of gem stones is very limited and many mines closing down, its not surprising to see the prices of stone rise steadily in recent years.



Key stones to invest in todays markets are:

Sapphires: Sapphires come in every color of the rainbow from salmon pink to royal blue. Sapphire stones allow customer to have a variety of colors in their collection. Sapphires are among the most sought-after stones among collectors.

Rubies: Rubies are among the safest gem stone investments specially since they are viewed by collectors to hold their value better then diamonds. Since they are becoming rarer every day. It is safe to your stones will always increase

Emeralds: these stones are a hot commodity among collectors specially stones from Colombia and Brazil. Due to the scarcity of these stones in todays markets, it’s one of the safest investments in todays gemstone market.

The most important factor to consider while investing in gem stones, is ensuring to have a trusted name to help you with your purchase. Leel Gems has been a trusted name among jewelry retails and designers in North America since 2003. Contact us today and let us help you safely invest you money and help your money grow.